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    Rogue Paq Tools & Accoutrements

    Rogue Paq Tools & Accoutrements


    We have curated some of our favorite pieces which Raise our Ritual; And they just happen to coordinate perfectly with all of our Rogue Paq cannabis cases.

    Resuable Glass Tips 2 Pack $ 8.00

    Reusable Glass Crutches for Holding A Joint or Rolling a Blunt Glass tips are a perfect complement to our premium all natural hemp rolling papers in king slim size. No need to fashion a crutch from cardboard, our papers are...

    Organic Hemp Wick + Black Obsidian From $ 6.00

    Hemp Wick + Rough Cut Black Obsidian We love black obsidian for its ability to release negativity. And, we love to use organic hemp wick as a means to ignite our joints, pipes and bongs. Carrying them as a unit...

    Rogue Paq x Haus of Topper 2 oz Cannabis Storage Canisters in Lizard or Diamondback Python $ 40.00

    Rogue Paq Cannabis Storage Canisters by Hause of Topper Yes We CANN! We have partnered with Haus of Topper, artisan of luxury cannabis accessories to bring you cannabis storage canna-sters which are the epitome of chic. Tiny but mighty, the...

    Rogue Paq x Vianel Gold Tone Refillable Lighters: THE COLORS From $ 35.00

    Vianel Refillable Gold-Tone Lighters These beautiful gold-toned lighters by Vianel are unique, modern, and functional. Their gold-toned finishes correspond directly with your Rogue Paq Ritual Cannabis Case and reflect downtown luxury. Vianel Refillable lighter Inlaid with ring lizard skin or...

    Rogue Paq x Haus of Topper Mini-Bic Lighter Covers in Lizard and Diamondback Python $ 30.00

    Rogue Paq x Haus of Topper Mini Bic Lighter Covers Haus of Topper, luxury cannabis accessory maker and expert in skins, has created mini-Bic lighter covers wrapped in luxurious black lizard skin or multi-colored neutral diamondback python skin. The base...

    Rogue Paq Signature #SendNudes Matches 9 Packs Bundle for $32 $ 32.00

    Light a Match and #RaiseYourRitual with Rogue Paq's #SendNudes Bundles The perfect accessory to our Rogue Paq Luxury Ritual Cases. Create a mini peep show with 3 different styles: brown nudes, white nudes, and the All Nude Review- a mix of boys...

    Rogue Paq Online Gift Card From $ 25.00

    Giving the gift of ritual just became easier. Send your friend or loved one a Rogue Paq gift card and allow them to choose the cannabis accessories and carrier they like best. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain...