House pal Ray Arias at Fred Segal clutching a Rogue Paq Solo Case

Rogue Paq high-end cannabis accessories and products are carried online as well as by fine retailers throughout the US and Canada. Below are just a few.


Find us in Sunnyside stores across IL, NY, PA, and FL.

Fred Segal

Find our full collection at Fred Segal Sunset and our partial collection at Fred Segal Malibu


Higher Standards

Find our products in Higher Standards NYC and Higher Standards Malibu

Alex Roldan at The London Beverly Hills

Find us at Alex Roldan Salon in The London Hotel Beverly Hills

Dalwhinnie Farms

Find our items in Aspen at Dalwhinnie Farms.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Find our Sisters Cann-Cann matches on Emily Schuman's gorgeously curated shopping site Cupcakes and Cashmere.


Friends NYC

Find us in Brooklyn's indie department store of dreams.


Hippie & French

Find an array of our products in female-owned Hippie & French in Pittsburgh, PA



Scout Design Studio

Find an assortment of our matches, trays, and ashtrays at this high-design shop


Museum of Sex

Find our Send Doobs candle sets and rolling trays in the gift shop.



Find an array of our trays, matches, ashtrays, and grinders at this stunning photography museum in Manhattan.

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Become A Stockist

Contact us at service@roguepaq.com for more information on becoming a stockist.