Rogue Paq Ultraviolet Glass Cannabis Storage Jars 2 pack, 1 fl oz 30ml/jar

$ 16.00 USD

Rogue Paq UV Glass Smell-Proof Cannabis Storage Jars With Optional Grease Pencil to Label Lids

Ultraviolet glass prevents harmful visible light rays from penetrating and degrading your flower while allowing beneficial UV and infrared light that eradicates molds, algae, and bacteria.

  • Smell proof
  • Airtight
  • We recommend using a grease pencil directly on the lid to record the contents of each container
  • Can fit up to 4 jars inside the removable pouch of your Rogue Paq Ritual Case
  • Size: 1fl oz capacity I 30ml I 2" (50mm) Diameter I 1.5" Height
  • (2) 1-fluid oz jars per order; Fits up to 2oz of dry flower
  • Add-on a white grease pencil to label the lids of your jars in order to keep your strains organized

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