Rogue Paq x Haus of Topper 2 oz Cannabis Storage Canisters in Black Lizard

$ 40.00 USD

Rogue Paq Cannabis Storage Canisters by Hause of Topper

Chic Canna-sters

We have partnered with Haus of Topper, artisan of luxury cannabis accessories to bring you cannabis storage canna-sters which are the epitome of chic. Tiny but mighty, the 50mm size holds up to 2oz of dried flower - and fits perfectly in the internal pouch of the Rogue Paq Ritual Cannabis Case (and Solo Paq). The screw-on top makes them airtight and odor-proof. The black on black lizard skin canister matches our Vianel lizard-skin refillable lighter; These beauties were designed and handmade in NYC by Haus of Topper.

Size: 2" diameter, 50mm; 2.5" H

Materials: Aluminum canister, Lizard-skin

Weight: 1oz

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