Cannabis Now: Mother’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide 2023

Rogue Paq Ritual Case / From $215

Stylish on-the-go moms who appreciate both form and function will certainly be adding the Rogue Paq Ritual Case to their wish lists. Say goodbye to your pencil case and get a serious upgrade with the Vegan Leather or Lambskin Leather editions. Founder Jessica Cadmus is a New York City wardrobe stylist and personal shopper determined to offer women more sophisticated, discreet options for carrying their cannabis goods.

Each Ritual Case is made of premium, hand-selected materials and hardware. Thoughtfully designed, these carriers are as functional as they are stylish, with features such as water-resistant and scent-suppression interior pockets; and quick-access internal elastics for scissors, hemostats, cleaners, pens and chords. Now you can easily find the various articles of your smoking ritual from the depths of your purse—and look good doing it.

“Join our Paq and Raise Your Ritual.”