Willamette Week: Help With Holiday Stoner Shopping: Here’s a Roundup of Gifts for Every Type of Cannathusiast in Your Life.

by Brianna Wheeler

For the Stoner Adventurer: Rogue Paq Ritual Case

The super-posh, traveling cannathusiast might appreciate this sleek, compact, smell-proof carrying case. Rogue Paq ritual cases neatly roll open, expanding like a chef’s knife holder to display areas for flower, smoking utensils, a small grinder, an included gold-plated roach clip, and even a few pothead odds and ends. The whole affair feels very ceremonial once rolled out, like a traveling weed tray but soft and opulent. Available in vegan leather or lambskin, the case is also customizable, so you can even have your adventure-minded recipient’s name etched into the leather. $130-$355.

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