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Rogue Paq User Praise

Rogue Paq Ritual Case rolled



"I can honestly say that this is the best [new product] I have seen yet. Only recently I was trying to find a similar item/set on New Bond St. in London as Smythson have a watch bag/pouch which I felt might be adapted to the purpose. A colleague recently bought a watch role/accessories pouch from Bottega Veneta to hold his vaping kit, but basically it turned out to be a leather iPad case with compartments & was not fit for the task. It’s so impractical to carry everything discretely. Thanks for creating something genuinely useful & clever, having consulted a lot for luxury brands & particularly brands who make “small leather goods” this is a genuine surprise & very cool indeed."

- Will Nicoll, Contributing Editor for Men's Health, Contributor to Esquire US, GQ US, and the Financial Times


"I'm [located] on the Rogue River! Oh my cool! It's gorgeous." 

- Jim Belushi, Actor, Comedian, Cannabis Farmer at Belushi's Farm


"Rogue Paq is beyond chic - I'm obsessed! Where has this been during all my years of vaping? I freaked out when I saw my name on it - it's perfect. My friends are super jealous." 

- Diablo Cody, Writer, Producer, Academy Award Winner


"I absolutely love my Rogue Paq, and not merely because it’s functional and beautiful. I love the way its maker, Jessica, envisioned a more refined and acceptable place to keep our remedies. Because that’s what a Stash is, a portable apothecary. It’s not what we are hiding, or stashing away in shame, it’s what we own up to as our medicine. How we stay well...When we begin to have the conversation about how we medicate, we begin to understand the benefits of the cannabis plant. And that’s a truth we’ve been without for far too long."

- Sharon Letts, Writer (High Times, Weed World, Dope Magazine, etc), Producer, Apothecary


"I'm feeling Rogue Paq. A beautiful gift...for all your vape/smoke travel needs. Pretty dope!"

- Dave Rublin, Bassist, The American Authors


"I love using my Rogue Paq when I'm on the road. It's the perfect travel companion. Having all of my accessories in one convenient place makes rolling on the go a breeze. The leather is so soft and the quality is unmatched. Highly recommend it. Love my Rogue Paq - you've created an awesome product."

- Bentley Rolling, Cannabis Photographer and Filmmaker, host of the Highly Conversational podcast


"To say that I am pleased would be a gross understatement. I am IN LOVE with my Rogue Paq! It's so exquisite and the attention to detail is very much appreciated. I am so happy with my bundle and have already put it to its intended purpose. I just love everything about how you created and curated this set. Your attention to detail, craftsmanship and curation AND impeccable customer service is bar none and you have a life-long customer with me."
- Marilyn K., Cannabis Enthusiast


"Your customer service is an amazing A+ top-ten high-quality experience!"

- Sarina Nichols, Founder of Collier Cannabis


"I have set up my Paq and I LOVE IT! If I didn't think it would complicate my upcoming International boarder crossings...I'd bring my Paq along for my fashion week jaunts BECAUSE IT IS JUST THAT STYLISH! Thanks again and keep up the good work."

- A.T., Fashion Journalist


"Stoner culture” has never been my thing. In the early days of legal cannabis, there wasn’t a brand that spoke to me. Everything was tie dyed and Rasta-fied (PS if that’s your vibe, more power to you. Everyone should be exactly who they are and be celebrated for it). I happened upon Rogue Paq, and the brand has changed my life in a number of ways. The full ritual gift set felt like the chicest accessory I never knew I needed (and now can’t live without). The classic black Chanel bag of the cannabis industry, if you will. The fashion forward will love, as well as the micro-dosing momma, and everyone in between. The price may give you pause at first, but when you feel the supple leather (customizable and even vegan, for the eco-conscious cannabis user), you’ll know your money is well spent."

- Kaitlyn W, Attorney


"Love pulling this baby out [Rogue Paq Ritual Case] and listening to all the oohs and ahhs."

- Jennifer Skog, Founder of MJ Lifestyle Magazine


"I love your products! THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm all about changing the way we smoke in public - Rogue Paq exemplifies the spirit of changing times. Feel good about your stash!"

- Asia Taber, Cannabis Artist, Creative Director for 3c Farms


"I went from carrying my cannabis around in an old make up bag, to carrying a leather Rogue Paq with my name on it. Now I look fly while I'm high."

- @koi_likethefish454, Flower Host, Lowell Cannabis Cafe (Los Angeles)


"You have put so much love + passion (and taste) into delivering a quality product. I can't wait to see what you launch next. You are like the Elisabeth Weinstock of cannabis accessories!"

- @tessmelody Co-Founder of @taylorandtess


"After the work week is done and the kids are in bed, my husband and I have been sneaking out to the back deck to light up our Rogue Paq X Stonedware snow-leopard pipe and it has been the best bonding experience. We love a strain I get at Atlantic Farms called Mimosa and which I keep inside my Rogue Paq cannabis carrier (no smell!!). We laugh at ridiculous things for an hour or 2 and then call it a night. Good times, great bonding, and no hangover. It's a great ritual!"

- CEO, Liz Kirby


"Such a beautiful travel case and a very well thought out design! Plenty of storage options for whatever you're stashing. I love it for my Pax, grinder and vape pen."

- Laura Falconer, Founder of Leaff


"I'm so in love with this Paq! I'm all about a beautiful product but it has to be functional too. It is the perfect travel piece AND you can get it in lambskin or vegan leather! I used it on my most recent trip and was able to discreetly pack all my cannabis accoutrements + travel essentials in style. It has so many cool features - zips, pouches, chic closure. Even if you aren't a cannabis lover, there are so many uses for this chic roll. I stash my make up essentials in here as well. Mine is vegan and monogrammed and I LOVE it."

- Dr Mia Chae Reddy, Creative Director Dehiya Beauty


"My ritual is gorgeous thanks to Rogue Paq. The details are exceptionally well done; The monogram is far better than I even expected, and I'm judge-y."

- Bethany P, Artist


"My friends can't get over how sexy it [my vegan Rogue Paq] is."

- C.P., Designer


"It's the perfect way to keep everything in one place - so it doesn't migrate all over the house and so it's ready when I want to walk out the door."

- Robert S, Journalist, Food Critic


"Rogue Paq exceeded my expectations on quality and delivery. Aesthetics and function are extremely important to me. This piece truly adds a special element to my ritual. Gorgeous leather, stellar craftsmanship, personal monogram...Plus, it's the perfect size to hold all my goodies."

- Annick M, Designer, Host of Feroce Sessions, Female Motorcycle Racer


"What I like most about Rogue Paq is that it's stylish and can be used for other things [besides my ritual] if I want. I LOVE that you have a vegan leather option. I also love that it rolls up to become smaller for easy travel and carry."

- Maggie Caldwell, @maggie.caldwell Beauty, Wellness, and Lifestyle Blogger


"Dear Rogue Paq, is there a way that I can inflate you to accommodate the contents of my entire apartment? I have never before been so organized in any area of my life. It is exhilarating...and maybe (hopefully) even addicting."

- Theo G, Character Animator


"Thank you! You rock...your customer service is over the top!"

- M.A., Rogue Paq Enthusiast, Kansas City MO


"Nice looking product and fills a real need - most of the stuff in the market is so cheap and gross. If you're going to spend $200 on a Pax, you might as well have somewhere nice to keep it."

- CC, Managing Director


"Chic, discreet, and perfect for travel - or just to keep your goods organized. Love my Rogue Paq!"

- Daniel Dugan-Robitaille, Wellness Coach and Essential Oil Tycoon


"My Rogue Paq is dope. I love it. Not only does it look FANTASTIC but it's made extremely well...and allows me to keep all of my goodies in one secure spot. In my opinion, it fits just the right amount. Whether you are on the go or lounging about the house, this bag is perfect. I think this product is killer and I look forward to this company's growth and future products."

- K Coop, Technician


"The perfect case to carry all of your essentials, in style."

- Josh H, Digital Marketer


"Rogue Paq is great for me. Helps me stay organized versus carrying all my stuff in a Ziplock bag."

- A.M., CFO


"I am very impressed with my Rogue Paq. It is light, sleek, and beautifully made for me to store my vape and travel in style."

- Krystina F, Marketing Professional


"I'm obsessed with my Paq!! I 100% bring my Rogue Paq everywhere."

- KEW, Hospitality Professional



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