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    "When a high profile, New York City-based wardrobe stylist launches a vaporizer case company, you know it’s going to complement any look...each case is monogrammed by hand and has a suede interior filled with thoughtful design details like water-resistant interior pockets, scent suppression technology and plenty of space to organize your stash in style."

    - Forbes, Holiday Gift Guide 2018:  The Ultimate Luxury List for Cannabis Connoisseurs by Katie Shapiro


    "A couple years ago, stylist Jessica Cadmus noticed something funny when dealing with her high-end Manhattan customers. Even though many of them consumed weed — and had the most luxe weed accessories on the market — they kept their paraphernalia in cheap pencil cases or hotel toiletry bags, tossed directly into their Hermès purses and Dior coats. So she designed the Rogue Paq, a leather (or vegan leather) case with smell-proof compartments — including a removable center piece — fit to be pulled out in any environment, which her clients immediately embraced. (Available online; $225-$325) "

    - Rolling Stone, Cannabis Gift Guide 2018 by Elizabeth Garber-Paul


    "...The inside consists of a zippered center tube that’s perfect for stowing vaporizers, pipes and other smoking accouterments (it also snaps out to become a smaller carrying case of its own) and two zippered side pockets to hold things such as vape cartridges, medical marijuana ID cards and driver’s licenses. There’s also a strip of elasticized fabric on one side to secure pens, poker tools and charging cords. The buttery soft leather version retails for $324.99 and the faux pebbled leather version for $100 less..."

    - LA Times, Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Mistletoke, luxe vape cases and other gift suggestions for the cannabis enthusiast on your nice list by Art Schorn


    "Rogue Paq is beyond chic - I'm obsessed! Where has this been during all my years of vaping? I freaked out when I saw my name on it - it's perfect. My friends are super jealous." 

    - Diablo Cody, Writer, Producer, Academy Award Winner


    "I'm feeling Rogue Paq. A beautiful gift...for all your vape/smoke travel needs. Pretty dope!"

    - Dave Rublin, Bassist, The American Authors


    "My ritual is gorgeous thanks to Rogue Paq. The details are exceptionally well done; The monogram is far better than I even expected, and I'm judge-y."

    - Bethany P, Artist


    "It's the perfect way to keep everything in one place - so it doesn't migrate all over the house and so it's ready when I want to walk out the door."

    - Robert S, Journalist, Food Critic


    "Rogue Paq exceeded my expectations on quality and delivery. Aesthetics and function are extremely important to me. This piece truly adds a special element to my ritual. Gorgeous leather, stellar craftsmanship, personal monogram...Plus, it's the perfect size to hold all my goodies."

    - Annick M, Designer, Host of Moxie Moto, Female Motorcycle Racer


    "Dear Rogue Paq, is there a way that I can inflate you to accommodate the contents of my entire apartment? I have never before been so organized in any area of my life. It is exhilarating...and maybe (hopefully) even addicting."

    - Theo G, Character Animator


    "Nice looking product and fills a real need - most of the stuff in the market is so cheap and gross. If you're going to spend $200 on a Pax, you might as well have somewhere nice to keep it."

    - CC, Managing Director


    "Chic, discreet, and perfect for travel - or just to keep your goods organized. Love my Rogue Paq!"

    - Daniel Dugan-Robitaille, Wellness Coach and Essential Oil Tycoon


    "My Rogue Paq is dope. I love it. Not only does it look FANTASTIC but it's made extremely well...and allows me to keep all of my goodies in one secure spot. In my opinion, it fits just the right amount. Whether you are on the go or lounging about the house, this bag is perfect. I think this product is killer and I look forward to this company's growth and future products."

    - K Coop, Technician


    "The perfect case to carry all of your essentials, in style."

    - Josh H, Digital Marketer


    "Rogue Paq is great for me. Helps me stay organized versus carrying all my stuff in a Ziplock bag."

    - A.M., CFO


    "I am very impressed with my Rogue Paq. It is light, sleek, and beautifully made for me to store my vape and travel in style."

    - Krystina F, Marketing Professional


    "I'm obsessed with my Paq!!"

    - KEW, Hospitality Professional