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Rogue Paq SendNudes Matches 3 Packs/Order

Sale price$ 12.00 USD


Rogue Paq's SendNudes Matches

We're committed to charming your pants off and our matches are case-and-point. Enjoy the gorgeous spectrum of skin tones - everyone is invited to join our Paq! We are better together and better yet with cann-abis. So let's Cann-Cann!

Tuck these tiny can-can dancers into the side pocket of your Rogue Paq Ritual Case and relish offering that cute someone a light. They are just as adept at fire-starting as they are at conversation starting.


  • 10 individually printed match stems per book
  • Inclusive design in a spectrum of gorgeous skin tones with tiny embellishments
  • Different messages on the backs of each stem
  • Sisters Cann-Cann and Send Doobs are female forms only
  • Yes We Cann-Cann, All You Weed is Love, and Weed Make A Perfect Match are a lineup of both female and male forms
  • Send Dudes are male forms only
  • Take a closer look and inspect the tiny tattoos and accessories like garters, fishnets, and underpants
  • 3 books per order
  • Total weight of 3 packs: .5 oz
  • Bundles available
  • Collect all 6 SendNudes styles
  • We also offer non-nudie matches: Take What You Weed


  • 2.5" x 2" x .5" book size
Rogue Paq SendNudes Matches 3 Packs/Order
Rogue Paq SendNudes Matches 3 Packs/Order Sale price$ 12.00 USD