Rogue Paq Refillable Lighters: THE NEUTRALS

$ 40.00 USD

Refillable Gold-Tone Butane Lighters

These beautiful gold-toned lighters are unique, modern, and functional. Their finish corresponds directly with the hardware on your Rogue Paq Ritual Cannabis Case. The mood is downtown luxury.


  • Butane lighter
  • Those inlaid with ring lizard skin or snakeskin are by Vianel
  • Those inlaid with vegan lizard skin are by Rogue Paq
  • See Rogue Paq Refillable Lighters: The Colors for bright alternatives
  • Gold foil stamped logo
  • Ships empty; Fill with butane, we recommend Xikar Brand Butane
  • Please note that this product cannot be shipped internationally due to its material

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