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Rogue Paq Eiffel Tower Gold-Tone Bud Trimming Scissors

Sale price$ 22.00 USD

Rogue Paq Eiffel Tower Stainless Steel Bud Trimming Scissors

The Eiffel Tower’s elegant design never fails to light us up. In homage, we offer you Rogue Paq Eiffel Tower Bud Trimming Scissors which fit snugly inside your Rogue Paq Ritual Case. They are truly multi-functional. Use them to snip a few buds from your plant, trim your jay, manually “grind” your flower, or cauterize a joint you'd like to save for later. They come with their own vegan-leather blade cover so you can travel safely with them. Handy and chic!


  • Size: 5.5"L X 2"W (at handles)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Gold-toned finish
  • Snip your buds
  • PRO TIP: Cauterize your joint by swiping the scissors' blades along the lit end of your joint to extinguish the joint and seal in the flavor for when you relight
  • Manual grind
  • Multi-purpose decorative scissors
  • Includes vegan leather blade cover for safe transport