Rogue Paq Gold Toned Candle Snuffer

$ 16.00 USD

Extinguish your candles with style and without waxy mess

We feel so frustrated when we blow out our candles and spatter wax everywhere. To avoid waxy messes (and frankly to look elegant while you extinguish your flame), try our beautiful stainless steel gold toned candle snuffer. It is perfect for use with our #SendNudes votives. Pair with our coordinating wick trimmer for the full candle care experience and get the most life out of each of the candles you've invested in. Snuff Snuff Pass.


  • Stainless steel
  • Gold toned
  • Clean by wiping with a soft dry cloth


  • 0.75"W x 9.75"H


  •  2oz

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