Rogue Paq Organic Hemp Wick + Black Obsidian

$ 17.00 USD

Organic Hemp Wick + Rough Cut Black Obsidian

We love black obsidian for its ability to release negativity. And, we love to use organic hemp wick as a means to ignite our joints, pipes and bongs. Carrying them as a unit is our preferred.

Hemp wick is essential because when you hold a flame to your piece and inhale, you are also drawing into your lungs your lighting mechanism. For instance, if you are using a butane lighter direct to your mouthpiece, you are also inhaling butane. The good news is that you should still spark your gorgeous Vianel x Rogue Paq lighter but light up your hemp wick instead - then you can inhale cleanly. For this reason we always have hemp wick on hand, wrapped around our black obsidian.


  • All organic hemp coated in organic beeswax
  • Rough cut black obsidian typically 1"-2"
  • 12' Hemp hand-wrapped on black obsidian
  • No-drip hemp wick
  • Clean draw, no noxious gases to inhale
  • Hemp wick improves the taste of your draw because the butane doesn't overpower your flower
  • Hemp wick burns at a lower temp than a flame produced by butane therefore allowing the terpenes to come forward
  • Biodegradable
  • Long lasting

How to use hemp wick:

  • Spark your lighter
  • Hold it to the end of your hemp wick
  • Hold the wick with flame to your mouthpiece
  • Inhale
  • Blow out the flame on the wick and relight when necessary

Benefits of black obsidian:

  • Psychic protection
  • Helps to clear negative psychic energy within your aura
  • Releases negativity
  • Use as a root chakra for healing and grounding

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