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Rogue Paq Organic Hemp Wick + Black Obsidian

Sale price$ 17.00 USD

Organic Hemp Wick + Rough Cut Black Obsidian

We love black obsidian for its ability to release negativity. And, we love to use organic hemp wick as a means to ignite our joints, pipes, and bongs. Carrying them as a unit is our preferred.

Hemp wick is essential because when you hold a flame to your piece and inhale, you are also drawing into your lungs your lighting mechanism. For instance, if you are using a butane lighter direct to your mouthpiece, you are also inhaling butane. The good news is that you should still spark your gorgeous Rogue Paq lighter but light up your hemp wick instead - then you can inhale cleanly. For this reason we always have hemp wick on hand, wrapped around our black obsidian.


  • Organic hemp coated in organic beeswax
  • Rough cut black obsidian typically 1"-2" (sizes vary)
  • 12' Hemp hand-wrapped on black obsidian
  • No-drip hemp wick
  • Clean draw, no noxious gases to inhale
  • Hemp wick improves the taste of your draw because the butane doesn't overpower your flower
  • Hemp wick burns at a lower temp than a flame produced by butane therefore allowing the terpenes to come forward
  • Biodegradable
  • Long lasting

How to use hemp wick:

  • Spark your lighter
  • Hold it to the end of your hemp wick
  • Hold the wick with flame to your mouthpiece
  • Inhale
  • Blow out the flame on the wick and relight when necessary

Benefits of black obsidian:

  • Psychic protection
  • Helps to clear negative psychic energy within your aura
  • Releases negativity
  • Use as a root chakra for healing and grounding
Rogue Paq Organic Hemp Wick + Black Obsidian
Rogue Paq Organic Hemp Wick + Black Obsidian Sale price$ 17.00 USD