Rogue Paq Take What You Weed Matches 3 Books Per Order

$ 12.00 USD

We adore Take What You Need signs and have garnered so much inspiration and comfort from them over the years. Now you can Take What You Weed. Each match stem offers a different way to enjoy your cannabis ritual. And, to pay homage to our favorite sign, there are affirmations on the back of each stem. Take what you weed, take what you need, and #RaiseYourRitual with our whimsical matches.

  • 10 individually printed match stems per book
  • The back of every match stem holds a different affirmation a la "Take What You Need"
  • 3 books per order
  • Total weight of 3 books: .5 oz
  • Book Size; 2.5” x 2” x .5”

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