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    Tools & Accoutrements

    Tools & Accoutrements


    We have curated some of our favorite pieces which help us to raise our ritual. And they just happen to coordinate perfectly with all of our Rogue Paq vape cases.

    Hemostat Clip/Packing Tool $ 15.00

      Hemostats have long been our preferred multi-functional tool for use when we roll our own. They pack our filler as we create our hand-roll and later they act as a clamp as it burns down. We re-imagined our original...

    1 fl oz 30ml Ultraviolet Glass Jars/ 2 pack $ 15.00

      Extend the life of your flower inside our ultraviolet glass jars. 2 jars per order. Up to 3 jars conveniently fit inside the Mini Paq of your Rogue Paq cannabis carrier. Smell proof Airtight Ultraviolet glass prevents harmful visible...

    Signature #SendNudes Matches/ 3 Pack $ 12.00

      These retro matches will quite literally charm your pants off. Tuck them into the side pocket of your Rogue Paq and relish offering that cute someone a light. 10 individually printed match stems per book 3 books per order...

    Vianel Lighters $ 40.00

      These beautiful gold-toned lighters by Vianel are unique, modern, and functional. Their finishes correspond directly with your Rogue Paq vape case and reflect downtown luxury. Refillable lighter Inlaid with black ring lizard skin OR black and gold snake skin...

    Crane Scissors $ 15.00

      Look chic while you trim your bud with these petite crane scissors which fit snugly in the elastics of your Rogue Paq vape case. They are a good stand-in for quick snips when you prefer not to carry a...