SendNudes Send Doobs 60mm 4 Piece White Ceramic Grinder

$ 60.00 USD

Send Doobs 60mm White Ceramic-Coated Grinder

Our premium quality Send Doobs ceramic grinders are not only super cute and cheeky, they are built to perform. You can count on these bootyful grinders to provide nice fluffy output every time with minimal friction, thanks to their threading and superior ceramic coating. The coating also makes this grinder very easy to keep clean.


  • Highest quality anodized aluminum
  • 100% food-safe ceramic coating
  • Stainless steel pollen filter
  • Diamond grind blade design


  • D: 60mm x H: 50mm
  • Weight: 6oz


  • Does not fit in our Ritual Cases; Our 50mm Thank You and Joie de Weed Grinders are designed specifically to fit in all of our cases
  • Ceramic coating prevents flower from sticking to your grinder and therefore reduces friction and makes for an easy clean
  • Kief-catching fourth chamber with scraping tool included
  • 2 SendNudes designs to choose from
  • Collect them both
  • Featured in Spy Magazine as "Best of Ceramic Grinders"


  1. Freeze grinder for 30 minutes
  2. Use a soft clean brush (and a toothpick if necessary) to remove and store any resin (you can enjoy this later)
  3. Separate grinder into 4 pieces
  4. Soak pieces in Isopropyl Alcohol (add some course salt if you have some) for 30 minutes
  5. Use clean soft brush to remove any debris
  6. Rinse thoroughly under warm water
  7. Lay all four pieces out to dry fully on a clean cloth before reassembling


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